The Great Farini: Daredevil and Innovator

Today is the birthday of William Leonard Hunt (1838-1929), a.k.a The Great Farini. Raised in rural Ontario, this seminal (and self-taught) funambulist made his professional debut in 1859 when he crossed the Ganaraska River on a tightrope. The following year he crossed Niagara Falls several times, often carrying objects with him, turning somersaults and other such impressive stunts (thus duplicating the feats of Blondin).farini

Farini toured the U.S. as an acrobat for the next six years, and the Europe from 1866 to 1869, whereupon he became a trainer, manager and inventor (most famously of the “human cannonball” device, from which he shot his protege Zazel). Other of his famous acts included the boy acrobat El Nino whom he later presented as the female acrobat  Lulu (who lived publicly as a female for many years, until injured while performing) and Krao, the Missing Link. His later years were spent as an explorer, inventor and botanist.

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