Anita Berber: Woman of Weimar


Today is the birthday of Anita Berber (1899-1928), the epitome of decadent Berlin cabaret during the Weimar years. Berber began dancing in cabarets in 1916, and appearing in films two years later. She scandalized the public by dancing and modelling nude, being openly bi-sexual (one of her lovers was alleged to have been Marlene Deitrich), engaging in S & M, and imbibing cocaine, opium, morphine, heroin and her own personal cocktail of cholorform, ether and flower petals mixed in a bowl and inhaled. (Oh, yes, and lots and lots of alcohol, of course).

She was famous for prowling the nightclubs dressed only in a sable coat (nothing underneath), a pet monkey in tow, and wearing a brooch she kept filled with cocaine, so her stash was never very far. Her lifestyle finally caught up with her in 1928, when she collapsed onstage while performing in Beirut (which was then a very different sort of city than it is today).

For much more, see this terrific article by my friend Victoria Linchong on Messy Nessy. 

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