Happy 100th, Concord Players (and a Salute to Fanny Brice!)

On October 20 we were honored to be the guest speaker at the 100th anniversary celebration of the Concord Players. More than this, we were delighted to learn that the roots of this impressive community theatre are much older. The company actually began in the mid 19th century as the Concord Dramatic Union with productions organized by Louisa May Alcott (remember those theatricals organized by Jo in Little Women?) So I was moved deeply by the occasion. The topic of my talk was the life and career of Fanny Brice, as the Concord Players are opening their new production of Funny Girl on November 8. (I saw a section of it at the event and was mightily entertained.) A side benefit of these talks is the additional research they necessitate. I’ve taken the opportunity to beef up my Fanny Brice post. The Sudbury Town Crier covered the event; that coverage is here. My own pix from the event below. Thanks, Concord Players, for a magical evening!

Prior to the event, I took the opportunity to ramble around Concord itself. Find that account here.