“I’ll Say She Is” in WSJ & Jewish Week: Opens Tomorrow!


Preview performances for I’ll Say She Is, our revival of the lost 1924 Marx Brothers Broadway musical begin tomorrow! If you didn’t get your ticket yet, the more fool you! But there’s still a chance, just go here. 

The hoopla has already begun with two major preview features, one in the Wall Street Journal and one in Jewish Week.  I’m very excited that the production got this coverage; much less thrilled with my own representation in the pieces. Despite my daily protestations to the contrary, people will persist in identifying me as a “vaudeville historian.” Look at the masthead of this blog, created three years AFTER No Applause was written. Is “historian” among that long list of job titles? It lists everything BUT that. For me, personally, it’s getting dire, and know that I will be taking major steps over the next several months to disabuse people once and for all that I want anything to do with such a role. I have a handful of “Stars of Vaudeville” posts to get out (I do them to publicize my book; for no other reason), and then, my dears, I am stepping the fuck away from that role I never wanted, never asked for, and detest.

Above this, the Jewish Week guy used only my most irrelevant remarks, misrepresented what I said, and then shoe-horned them into some pre-existing point he wanted to make. But I guess the press have always been monsters, and I’m sure there are plenty of you that would include me under that umbrella. At any rate, feel free skip over the parts that have to with me in both pieces. They are rubbish. But I’ll Say She Is is great! Tickets and way more info are here. 

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