Two Weeks ’til Bathing Beauties!

Drawing by Carolyn Raship
Drawing by Carolyn Raship

Wednesday, August 7 at 9pm at Coney Island USA:

Trav S.D. (American Vaudeville Theatre) and a High Kicking Chorus of Cuties recreate burlesque as it was in Coney Island’s early 20th century glory days, and a salute to Mack Sennett’s Bathing Beauties. Water Nymphs, Wisecracks, and Whatever Floats Yer Boat –


Your host: Trav S.D.

Bevan and Beauties0001

The Bathing Beauties:

Helen Pontani!

Grace Gotham!

Kat Mon Dieu!

Kita St Cyr!

Edie Nightcrawler!


All the Way from St. Louis: Sammy Tramp!

Authentic Eastern Belly Dancing by NEON NYC!

And the grape drenched sensualité of Mata Hari’s Wine Bath!!! *

Plus comedy sketches inspired by old time burlesque and silent movies featuring Trav S.D., Bob Greenberg, Gregory Levine with additional nuts TBA!


Copies of CHAIN OF FOOLS will be on sale purchase and signing, in that order

And for swell official Bathing Beauties merchandise designed by our Royal Court Artist Carolyn Raship go here:

See more at:

* Thanks to Thieves Theatre!

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