Tonight on TCM: A Late Silent Rarity

Tonight at midnight Eastern time, TCM will be premiering something truly rare: an independently made silent film from 1938! Seattle native Richard H. Lyford would eventually amass many legit Hollywood credits, working for Walt Disney and others, but at the time he directed and starred in his 45 minute long science fiction film As the Earth Turns, he was still a 20 year old kid, making theatre and short movies in his home town. This interesting artifact has been restored, and given a new original score by Seattle composer Ed Hartman. Much more about the film can be found here. This sui generis is being show by TCM as part of a line-up of vintage time travel movies playing tonight and into early tomorrow. I don’t know about the Way-Back machine, but my DVR is definitely set — mostly so I could say that “yesterday I programmed my machine to tape a futuristic movie from the past so I could watch it tomorrow!”