Today on BroadwayHD: Women Behind Bars

A perfect storm of fabulousness unleashes on BroadwayHD today when the platform makes available a streaming version of last year’s all-star revival of the Tom Eyen’s 1975 camp prison picture parody Women Behind Bars. Eyens gave Bette Midler her first stage role at La Mama back in the day and later won a Tony for Dreamgirls. The 2020 L.A. revival features an introduction by Kathy Griffin, the final performance of the late Chi Chi De Vayne of Rupaul’s Drag Race, our old friend Mink Stole (whom we first got to meet and interview back in 2013 when she did Tennessee Williams’ The Mutilated with Penny Arcade), Traci Lords (who just gave our wife’s tribute art such a lot of online attention), as well as Rupaul’s Eureka O’Hara (a different performer from the Village’s original Eureka from back in the day, here playing a role originated by Divine), Marilyn Monroe impressionist Suzie Kennedy, Miss Coco Peru, Ginger Minj, Poppy Fields, Wesley Woods, Adrienne Couper Smith, and Tatiana Monteiro. Scott Thompson was the director. To access it, subscribe to the incredible resource BroadwayHD here.