I Made People Magazine This Week (Thanks to Bette Midler)!


In case you missed my very loud tweets this weekend, the big news at the moment is that the Divine Miss M plugged my book No Applause in this week’s edition of People Magazine. The issue (on news stands now) is dated April 7 (it won’t be online until later so nothing to link to at the moment.). Midler puts No Applause on a very short list of her favorite tomes, calling it the BEST showbiz book! My company on the list includes Mark Twain and Jack London. This is a lady with very good taste!


I’d be remiss if I didn’t return the favor (in my own small way but to the best of my ability). The occasion for People soliciting her picks in the first place is the re-release of her 1980 autobiography A View from a Broad. It goes on shelves tomorrow, and she’ll be having a book signing here in New York at the Union Square Barnes and Noble (details here). I’m half tempted to go so I can thank her in person, but I do hate crowds, and the worst psychic in the world can predict that it’ll be a mob scene! Her fans are a CULT! Still, I think I just may have to go…



  1. Hello, travsd,
    I see I’m in the good company of Bette Midler in recommending your wonderful book No Applause. Indeed, my hype predated hers by a long shot, albeit to a rather more select audience.
    Thanks sincerely for joining that audience.
    I hope you enjoy the website. I’m having a ball doing it.


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