Eko and Iko (George and Willie Muse): The Men from Mars

George and Willie Muse Eko and Iko Men from Mars

Eko and Iko were actually George Muse (1893-1971) and Willie Muse (1892-2001), two Albino African American “twin” brothers from Roanoke, Virginia. The lore is that they were kidnapped from their hometown as children, and taken on the road by first the Al G. Barnes Circus and then Ringling Brothers. Their hair worked into woolly dreadlocks, they were billed variously as the “White Ecuadorian Cannibals”, the “Sheep Headed Men”, the “Sheep Headed Cannibals”, then finally the handle that took: the “Ambassadors from Mars” or the “Men from Mars”. (It was the fancy tuxedos that justified the diplomatic title).

In 1927, when they came through their hometown with the circus, they were reunited with their mother, who was appalled to learn that though they had been performing for 18 years, they had never been paid anything beyond their room and board. She attempted to sue for $100,000. The young men missed performing, though, so they went back on the road in 1928. In the 30s they worked Dreamland Circus Sideshow in Coney Island, and toured Europe and the Far East. In 1937, they rejoined Ringling Bros.; by the time they retired in 1961 they were with Clyde Beatty. George passed away in 1971. Willie was 108 when he finally followed his brother in 2001.

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  1. Very detailed info on their lives available in new biography, True Vine by Beth Macy, a Maryland reporter who extensively interviewed circus folk from all over as well as the Muse family members who cared for Willie in his old age.


  2. wow! Tragic and horrible beginning to their lives. I’m glad they were able to reunite with their family. Strong genes led Willie a long life. Do you know if they themselves married or had children?


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