The Mysterious Dizzy Daniels


One of the things I think is distinct about my new book Chain of Fools is that it brings the history of silent comedy all the way up to the present day. And you may be asking yourself, “Now just who the hell is making silent comedy in the present day?”

Well, here’s just one of hundreds. Montreal based comedian Dizzy Daniels is one of the folks I interviewed for my last chapter in Chain of Fools. He’s a little tight-lipped about who he really is, but there are plenty of pictures to look at on his web site here.

And he sent me this clip the other day with the following explanatory text and link:

The Four-Eyed Bandit: WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE!!
Outtakes taken from the first version of A SELF-MADE FAILURE shot on Super 8, starring “Dizzy” Daniels. After shooting 80 minutes of footage everything was scrapped, and re-shot in 16MM, with all new actors. Some of these scenes were never re-shot for the feature length version of the film.

For more information on the history of silent and slapstick comedy past present and future, see Chain of Fools:  Silent Comedy and Its Legacies from Nickelodeons to Youtube available at Bear Manor Media, and also through and wherever nutty books are sold.  


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