Route Des Maisons Rouges

Well, this doesn’t have squat to do with vaudeville, but it has more than a little to do with burlesque, and it is the result of a translation by 21st century Renaissance man Adam McGovern, so I report it here: issue number two of Italian comic “Route Des Maisons Rouges” is out. Is my French correct? Street of the red houses? How quaint. And yet hardly. I’m too busy panting from the many illustrations of girl-fights between scantily clad prostitutes to make much sense of the plot. Something about a quisling of a mayor scheming to eliminate one of the bordellos as part of some nefarious capitalist scheme. The five madams have got to band together! They’ve just got to! Anyway, I think I’ll bring this one with me to read in the barber chair next time I go for a haircut. Something tells me it will make me “an alright guy” with Luigi.

And if you want to order your own copy (you can’t have mine), go here.

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