Willy Nilly Tix Go on Sale at Midnight


H’m…if you don’t feel like reading, this audio file will tell you all you need to know:


However, if reading’s your preferred bag, look no further.

Don’t miss…

Piper McKenzie’s Production of


Trav S.D.’s Willy Nilly:

A Musical Exploitation of the Most Far-Out Cult Murders of the Psychedelic Era

in the 2009 New York International Fringe Festival

Tickets Go On Sale at Midnight Tonight!

August, 2009 marks the 40th anniversary of the Tate-Labianca Murders, committed by the psychedelic hippie cult commonly known as the Manson Family. In observance of that date (and of the 10th anniversary of their first FringeNYC production), Piper McKenzie is presenting the World Premiere of Trav S.D.‘s Willy Nilly: A Musical Exploitation of the Most Far Out Cult Murders of the 1960s.

Charles Manson meets Mad Magazine in this tasteless rock’n’roll spoof about a filthy faux-Messiah, his cult of wanton women, and high Hollywood murder. With a raucous score, gratuitous nudity, acid freakouts, excessive gore, cruel stereotypes and slapstick misogyny, consider this fictionalized musical satire the anti-Hair.

The cast includes the production’s playwright/songwriter Trav S.D. (No Applause, Just Throw Money; House of Trash), co-producer Hope Cartelli (Babylon Babylon; John Goldfarb, Please Come Home), Becky Byers, Maggie Cino, Michael Criscuolo, Betsy Head, Daryl Lathon (member AEA), Rich Lovejoy, Mateo Moreno, Esther Silberstein, Adam Swiderski, and Elizabeth Hope Williams, and introducing Avery Pearson as the Manson-inspired title character.

Featuring twelve Trav S.D. songs!!!

Performed by the cast and The Four Hoarses, a band with a new sound that will really unlock a few doors.

Other personnel already signed on include director and co-producer Jeff Lewonczyk (Babylon Babylon; 2007 FringeNYC hit John Goldfarb, Please Come Home); sound designer Ryan Holspopple (That’s Not How Mahler Died: METRONOMA); prop and costume designer Julianne Kroboth (Babylon Babylon; No Applause, Just Throw Money); and stage manager Guinevere Pressley.

The show will perform at Dixon Place (161A Chrystie St. between Rivington and Delancey) as part of FringeNYC. The performance dates and times are as follows:

Fri 8/14 at 5pm
Sun 8/16 at 8:30pm
Fri 8/21 at 11pm
Sat 8/22 at 4:45pm
Sat 8/29 at 8pm

Tickets will be available beginning at 12:01am on Friday, July 24 by visiting www.fringenyc.org or calling 866.468.7619.


9 Responses to “Willy Nilly Tix Go on Sale at Midnight”

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  2. […] (who by the 1940s was making comedies about Hitler and the Holocaust). Technically speaking, Willy Nilly is (like the work of the writers I named) not a comedy, but a satire. In a comedy, little things go […]


  3. […] of shouting distance of myself and my 30 or so very best friends, my comedy about the Manson Family Willy Nilly, having sold out its Fringe NYC run, has been given an extension. It’ll be at the Actors […]


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  7. […] objectively and without exaggeration that Craven Monkey is their best work to date. (This includes Willy Nilly, a work they’re so ashamed of, I couldn’t help but notice its nowhere on their web site. But […]


  8. […] show Death is a Scream in the Brick Theater’s Too Soon Festival. Crow (nee Silberstein, of Willy Nilly, Kitsch, and the Electric Mess) knocked my socks off, even as she was frequently changing hers.  […]


  9. […] ago, as though heaven-sent, when some of their core members emerged to be the “Five Hoarses” in Willy Nilly. Since then they’ve become friends and collaborators, so I make no claim of objectivity in the […]


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