Happy Jack Eckart: The World’s Largest Moose

This is undoubtedly adorable...unless you find it terrifying, as I do
This is undeniably adorable, unless you find it terrifying, as I do

“Happy” Jack Eckart (1874-1937), the son of a Fort Wayne cigar maker, weighed 19 lbs. at birth. At the time of his passing at age 63 he weighed 739 lbs and had to be buried in a casket six times the normal size. He went into the sideshow business when he was a 265 lb boy of ten, working first for P.T. Barnum, and later for the Great American Shows. A born joiner, he often billed himself as “The World’s Largest Moose” or “Elk” or whatever lodge was applicable at the time (the banners in the above refer to the Elks”). He often had himself photographed naked or in a racy Greco-Roman outfits. Most differently sized performers die young as a result of complications arising from their conditions. Jack was still going strong in his sixties after a half century in the business, expiring only when a trailer truck smashes into his automobile.

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