Laloo, “the Happy Hindoo”


A native of Oovonin, Oudh, Laloo Ramparsad (1874-1905) was born with a parasitic twin springing from his chest. The brother (although it was sometimes dressed as a sister) possessed arms, legs and a functioning penis; all it lacked was its own head. Although a Muslim, he was billed in sideshows as “the Happy, Healthy Hindoo”.

In 1888, an English entrepreneur discovered him and brought him back to exhibit in Europe. In 1891, Laloo came to the U.S. where he toured with most of the major circus sideshows, including Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey. In 1905, he was headed to Mexico for a tour with the Norris and Rowe Circus and was killed in a train wreck.

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  1. Ye Gods, I write so many of these posts before dawn on something like writer’s auto-pilot. Apologies to those who read this post during it’s first 6 weeks and learned that Laloo died in a “1905 plane crash”!


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