Aftermath of Sandy, Part Two

The friggin’ blog ate 3/4 of my post as a I published it a few minutes ago. Here it is in its entirety.

I walked into work and back again today, an hour plus each way — and are my dogs barking? No, ladies and gentlemen, my dogs are dead! Everything below the shin is throbbing meat in a shoe. But I’m countin’ my blessings, folks, I’m countin’ my blessings. Went a different route today, thinking I wouldn’t come across much, but I was wrong…it’s still a mess out there.

First I scooted past Prospect Park, but it’s still closed up (despite dozens of people I spotted inside who’d plainly jumped the fence). Ordinarily, I might have done the same but I read some very sobering stories in the newspaper this morning about people who died AFTER the storm, essentially by doing nothing more risky than going outside to do things like walk their dog, or to take snapshots. So I took a couple pix from the perimeter:

Next I made a loop through the neighborhood of Fort Greene:

And lastly, a small amount of damage at Fulton Mall I had missed yesterday:

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