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Ian W. Hill Fest

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Alright, alright, it’s really “Collisionworks 2011: At the Ends (Three Ultimate Plays)”, but I prefer to call it “Ian W. Hill Fest”. Once again, in the dog days of August, the prolific Mr. Hill dons the hair-shirt and fills the Brick Theater with an entire festival of his own productions. Opening tonight (August 11), Objects an original play by Hill with a dystopian premise that — curse it all — makes me want come see the show despite my own Fringe commitments! Curse you, Hill! Opening Saturday, two one acts, also by Hill, called Antrobus and Gone. What’s this, Ian? Only directing and producing THREE self-written plays all at the same time? Slipping, slipping!

For more info, visit the Brick’s web site here.

Win Free Tix to Funny Book/ Tragic Book

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Good morning and welcome to your Travia Question of the Day! A Travia Question is like a Trivia Question, except the answers can only be found by assiduously reading this blog. The first person to answer the question correctly will win that day’s prize. If we have more than one contest in a single day (like today), the winner will be disqualified from entering subsequent contests for that day (don’t be greedy). If you have won, I will contact you with instructions for how to redeem your prize.

We’re  starting off by giving out pairs of tickets to various shows in the Brick’s Comic Book Theatre Festival.  Each question I ask will yield a prize for a specific show with a specific showtime. These tickets are non-transferable. In other words, don’t bother asking if you can switch to a different performance. If you can’t make it to the specific performance for which you’ve won tickets, just give them to a friend. Don’t be a turkey, Clyde.

The prize for  this contest is two tickets to see Funny Book/ Tragic Book, written by Adam McGovern (several of whose comics have been reviewed on this site), and directed by Ian W. Hill (with whom I’d had many theatrical collaborations). The tickets are for the performance on Tuesday June 7 at 8:45pm.

And now here’s your Travia Question, the answer to which can only be found on Travalanche:

Bert Williams + Eva Tanguay = ?

Answer via “comments” to redeem your prize. Best o’ luck!

I’m Marrying Someone This Weekend

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But it’s not what you think!

This may well be the most unique theatre event I have ever been (or will ever be) involved in. My longtime friends and colleagues Ian W. Hill and Berit Johnson are tying the knot, and in typical iconoclastic spirit, they decided to make a show out of it. Since they wanted it to be a memorable (and probably irreverent) show, they tapped me to be the Marryin’ Sam, and I was honored to accept. To prepare for my “role”, I actually became ordained with the Universal Life Church, and am registered with the State of New York now to officiate at marriages.  I think I may have yet another career on my hands! Three of the performances are open to the public; one is the actual ceremony and by invitation only. We open tomorrow in the Brick Theatre’s “Too Soon” Festival. Full details on “The Wedding of Berit Johnson & Ian W. Hill: A Theatre Study by Ian W. Hill & Berit Johnson” are here. (scroll to the bottom).


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Sisyphus had his rock to roll; Hercules his labors. Ian W. Hill has The Collisionworks: An Annual Presentation of Theatre from Gemini Collisionworks. With a work ethic conceivable only in a Scandinavian born and bred in New England, for the past several Augusts director Hill has mounted his own one man theatre festival at our beloved Brick Theatre in Williamsburg. This year’s offerings will include Daniel McKleinfeld’s A Little Piece of the Sun, Richard Foreman’s George Bataille’s Bathrobe (not to be confused with George Takai’s bathrobe), Fassbinder’s Blood on the Cat’s Neck, and Sacrificial Offerings by Hill and David Finkelstein. As with Warhol, Hill’s art is largely about volume — keep in mind, if you see only one production, that it’s part of a much larger picture. And there are deals for seeing more than one show. Show dates August 7th through the 29th. For more info go to or

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