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Ed Wood Fest Opens Tonight!

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Final Curtain: The Last of Ed Wood,presented by Horse Trade Theater Group at The Red Room (85 East 4th Street between 2nd Avenue and Bowery), June 20-July 1. 

Five, count ’em, five Ed Wood messterpieces adapted for the stage…
BRIDE OF THE MONSTER a chilling and thrilling mad scientist epic, in which a disgraced mad scientist harnesses atomic energy to create a race of super beings.
NIGHT OF THE GHOULS the grisly sequel, in which a devious con man gets more than he bargained for when he uses the late madman’s castle for his fake séances– which may be raising the dead for real! 
THE VIOLENT YEARS a cautionary tale of juvenile delinquency, chronicling the increasingly ugly escapades of disaffected teen girls on a rampage of sex and violence. 
HOT ICE a sexy and saucy crime caper involving a glamorous couple of con artists, a very wealthy rock star, a ski lodge battle between the snobs and the slobs, and the hotel manager stuck in the middle.
THE SINISTER URGE! the triumphant and contractually obligated return of one of DMT’s biggest comedy hits, starring clumsy cops, sneaky smut peddlers, the girl next door, and a buxom crime boss.
For full tickets and info go here.
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