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A Personal History of the United States (the Person Being ME)

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"H'm...nice work! Do you have it in a size 10?"

“H’m…nice work! Do you have it in a size 10?”

A thoughtful agent friend noticed the growing snowball of posts on Travalanche about American history and my family’s role therein. As she intuited, I have been posting this raw material as a preliminary step towards the generation of products: books, plays, screenplays, and the like. A conversation with her has pushed “book” to the top of the to-do list, and so I’ve come up with this sequential arrangement of some of my notable posts, arranged by rough chronology. Some are more focused on my ancestors, some involve me personally, and some are more like op-eds that have grown out of my meditation on my people’s role in our history. As you begin to see, they almost begin to stack up to something like a history of the nation, with an emphasis on race and class, and a greater than normal emphasis on pop culture, and I do believe that’s where I’m bound. The posts themselves are just raw material — they’re not necessarily what would find their way into the book, they just lay the groundwork.

Here are links to those posts:

On the Magna Carta (included because of its relevance to our Founding Documents)

The King James Bible 

Instead of Columbus Day Maybe Celebrate THIS Guy

The Shipwreck of the Sea Venture 

The Founding of Virginia and Maryland 

The Founding of Plymouth

The Founding of Massachusetts Bay

The Founding of Rhode Island

The Founding of Connecticut

King Phillip’s War

The First Thanksgiving and Other Founding Myths

The Glorious Smorgasbord of American Religion 

The Salem Witch Trials

The Stewart Story (beginning in New Netherland)

The First Italian American (New Netherland) 

An Indian Attack in New Netherland (Brooklyn to be Exact) 

Netherlands Connections

On the French Huguenots


American Revolution


The Battle of Brooklyn 

Signers of the Declaration

John Trumbull 

Scary Thoughts on Constitution Day

The U.S. Presidents

The Founding of Tennessee and Kentucky, Western New York and Ohio

Davy Crockett

The Second Great Awakening

The Star Spangled Banner 

The Battle of New Orleans

Elizabeth Cady Stanton 

15 Famous Females

American Utopianism from 19th Century to Now

A Musician and A Sea Captain in the 19th Century

The Real Grizzly Adams

William Holland Thomas and the Eastern Band of Cherokee

Southern Slavery 

A Post Touching on Indentured Servitude, Slavery & Labor

Harriet Beecher Stowe 

Daniel Webster and Compromise

The Civil War

“The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” 

Juneteenth Message (on the Stars and Bars) 

Slavery and Racism in the North 

The Civil War Never Ended 

The West

The Importance of Mexico

Laura Ingalls Wilder


Latin America, the Banana Wars and a Scheme

Tales of Moonshining, et al

A Very Small, Painful Event from 1896

A Tale of the Titanic

The Labor Movement (and Protestant Ambivalence Thereto) 

The Dark Side of the Jazz Age

The Birth of a Nation I

The Birth of a Nation II

Seven Grandparents

A Tale of Sharecroppers and the Depression

Some World War II Stories 

A Tale of The Great (Post WWII) Migration

A Post Inspired by Mad Men

Fess Parker and the Coonskin Cap Craze

George Lincoln Rockwell (and his vaudeville father) 

On the Optimism of JFK

Inside Llewyn Davis and the Search for Authenticity

On Pete LaFarge and His Illustrious Family

The Meaning of Dr. Martin Luther King 

The Black Panthers 

Horror in the Civil Rights Era

On the Vanishing Swamp Yankee

Hollywood in the Reagan Era

Reagan and the Cold War 

Kurt Cobain and the End of History 

The Culture Wars (“The Clarence Thomas of the Arts”)

On White Male Privilege

In addition, these travel posts mention references to places and people in my background: Newport, Salem, Providence, South Street Seaport, and New Orleans. Many more of these are planned. Also (probably) to come are posts on the French and Indian war, Indian removal, the War of 1812, the Spanish-American war, the World Wars, the Cold War, and enhanced posts on Irish and German ancestors (I have preliminary posts up on those topics, not worth linking to today).



Take This Class With One of the Funniest Performers I Know

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