The Silents of the Lambs: My First “Trav Talk” in Three Years

If Ted can have Ted Talks, Trav can have Trav talks.

The title of this post and the atmospheric lighting in the photo above may cause you to believe something creepy is afoot, but I’m delighted to report it’s something quite the opposite. Last night I was privileged to speak at the historic (149 year old) Lambs Club on the topic of club members who appeared in silent comedies, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of my book Chain of Fools: Silent Comedy and Its Legacies from Nickelodeons to Youtube. Believe you me, there were a lot of Lambs in silent movies, vaudeville, and on Broadway!

This was my first public in-person talk in over three years (with the exception of my one person show in 2021) and it proved to be a pleasure from beginning to end, with a full house of friends new and old. In the photo above are a couple of my biggest Travalanche supporters, Tom Racz and Lisa Vogl, David Freeland (author of the terrific Automats, Taxi Dancers and Vaudeville and several other great books) and Dale Davidson, who performed in my own vaudeville show 25 years ago. In the house, a crowd of actors, comedians, singers, historians, musicians, 2 or 3 magicians, a John Barrymore impersonator, and a burlesque photographer, and maybe a few civilians. One special delight is that a couple of old friends are now principal officers of the club (Kevin Fitzpatrick as “Shepherd” and Don Spiro as “Boy”) and all signs point to things starting to hop around the ghostly old joint ere long.

By the way, they do events like this all the time; you should join! Learn about the club here, and how to join here.

And lest we forget, get your copy of Chain of Fools here.