The Final Epstein and Hassan Show

We begin this Valentine’s Day with a salute to BlackJewLove!

Back in October, I reported on the sad passing of Naimah Hassan, one half of the truth telling comedy duo of Epstein and Hassan. In that piece I mentioned that a new show by the duo (posthumously realized for Naimah) was in the works. It has arrived, it’s beautiful and it’s now playing at Alchemical Studios through March 25. My reaction to the show is in this new piece for Chelsea Community News. Before you head over to that site though, a few snaps I took the other night:

A shrine to Naimah in the lobby.

Copies of the published version of their previous show are on sale.

Friends Robert Prichard and Rachel Cleary were there. Rob was the founder and director of the amazing performance incubator Surf Reality, which was artistic home to the likes of Epstein and Hassan and this correspondent during the ’90s and early oughts. Today he and Cleary are key members of the team that has made Radio Free Brooklyn happen since 2015.

My piece on the Epstein and Hassan show is here.

And another great review is here.