Three Books to Buy That Aren’t My Own

Oh, don’t you fret, I’ll be getting in your face plenty about my own books and other projects as this year progresses, but short term, three people close to me have their own tomes to promote so I thought I’d move out of the way and shine a flashlight on them for a minute. In order of how long I’ve known them…

Keep this under your hat: the REAL literary genius in my family isn’t me but my nephew Kyle Anderson, a Fulbright scholar and Ph.D. in comparative literature who (like Ezra Pound) is a master of both Chinese and Italian (if he can also do French and Latin like Pound, I’m calling it a day). Kyle is best known as the translator of  Yang Hongying, “the J.K. Rowling of China,”. A full list of his Chinese translations is here. The Mountain Sea Scrolls and The 9 Tailed Fox is an original fantasy novel for tweens, co-written with Jon Marro. They also did the art! Get yours here!

Friend Martin Denton was BMOC on the indie theatre scene from 1997 through 2012, making himself indispensable through his innovative websites, published play anthologies, panels and events, podcasts, and I don’t know what all. Above all, he was a great friend to about 1,000 starving artists, including me. I was privileged to work with him in many capacities for almost that whole time, so I’m champing at the bit to read his new memoir Indie Theater Guy, and not just because I’m told I’m in the book! Martin could just as easily have called his memoir “What I Saw at the Revolution” but Peggy Noonan already stole that. More about the book and how to get it, is here.

Noah Diamond’s charming graphic love poem to New York City Love Marches On just turned 10 years old, and in celebration, he’s offering a discount on the deluxe 2020 edition, which is just what a New Yorker would do — use the occasion to move merch! Get your copy here now! (Discount only thru February).