Coming Up: Rice-Centennial, The Dan Rice Bicentennial

Coming up: please join us for two major celebrations of the bicentennial birthday of the 19th century’s greatest clown and pioneering American circus impresario Dan Rice (1823-1900), aided and abetted by the world’s foremost Dan Rice scholar David Carlyon, author of Dan Rice: The Most Famous Man You’ve Never Heard Of. The operative word in that title is “famous”. Rice really was, so you really ought to know about him. And at Travalanche, we aim to please! So please join us Sunday, January 22 at 7pm (EST), for a Bicentennial Birthday Party on Zoom. David and I will do a little show-and-tell on Rice, talk about him, and toast his memory. This virtual bash will last about 40 minutes, and the link through the looking glass to join us is here. Then, on Wednesday, January 25 (Rice’s actual date of birth), we will have a special guest post about Rice by Carlyon here on Travalanche. You won’t regret learning about this pioneering show biz founder and funny man!