Slapstick Comes to Queens

Color me excited (that’s a black and white movie joke, son). Nelson Hughes is bringing That Slapstick Show to the Q.E.D. comedy club, much closer to my Long Island digs than a lot of what’s happening in the city, and I’m looking forward to catching it for once. This is a local story, I know, but not as local as you think, Manhattanites. Astoria’s just a short hop away, and if you’re a classic comedy fan, this’ll be worth the trip. Hughes typically screens silent comedies; the lure of this edition (Saturday, Jan.7) is that he’ll be showing some very early talkies, a period that just may be my favorite, less because the films are the best, but because in that era of experimentation they are often the most unique, and even better, peculiar, which in my critical hierarchy ranks even higher than “good”. Info on QED and how to get there is here. Don’t crash your Tin Lizzie en route!