On the Other Mike Connors (and Queenie Paul)

We stipulate the other Mike Connors in our headline to differentiate our subject from the star of TV’s Mannix you’re more apt to know and care about; have no fear, we plan to get to him. The one we tip our hat to today lived from 1891 to 1949. He was a New York vaudeville performer who at the age of 27 was hired by Australian impresario Benjamin Fuller to do a six-month tour Down Under, stayed and became a star down there. His reason for remaining in the country wasn’t just a liking for the sunny climate. While performing in a revue in 1917 he met and fell in love with Eveline “Queenie” Paul (1893-1982). Paul had been a chorus girl in musicals and a Principal Boy in pantomimes in her younger years before touring the Australian circuits. The pair married and formed a theatrical team, touring as the Con-Paul Theatre Company. In the ’30s, Connors became a star on Australian radio; Paul continued to tour with a chorus line she called “The Sun-Kissed Girls”. After Connors died in 1949, Paul continued performing live, and made the occasional television appearance.

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