MDD Thoughts and Ensuing Thoughts

It’s unthinkable to me, but it seems to be true. I worked weekly, more or less, with Martin Denton on one thing or another for well over a decade, and…there don’t seem to any photos of us together. There may be one or two in existence, but not in my possession and not anywhere that I can find! Anyway, along with the also defunct New York International Fringe Festival, Martin and his various enterprises were a vital unifying force binding together and supporting New York’s indie theatre community. He just brightened my day recently by doing this nice blog post about my first full full length play House of Trash which had its little minor day in the sun about 20 years ago. It is my most oft-produced play, and has been performed as far away (from me) as Minneapolis. I unavoidably thought about it often during the Trump years; today’s January 6th hearing brings it up again, as it was written during the ’90s, a time when the rabidly extreme rural right was rearing its head in ways that foreshadow our own time. I’ve occasionally entertained the idea of revisiting it and retooling it for the present era.

In case you didn’t know, this blog is a side hustle. My real life and ambitions are in theatre and film, which is why I may occasionally surprise some people with my indifference or outright hostility when they call Travalanche their “favorite encyclopedia” or whatever. It is SO not my ambition to provide anyone with any “information” or an “encyclopedia”. I love theatre and movies, so I write about them, It gives me pleasure, and if you enjoy it, too, brilliant. And I’m selling books that I wrote. At the bottom of nearly every post on this blog you’ll find a request to buy one of the books I wrote as an outgrowth of my love for film and theatre, or a request to underwrite this blog via Patreon for the information you claim to value. Now that we’re post-pandemic, I’ll be looking to make shows happen again in the New Year; I hope you can support that. Come to think of it, I happen to be holding several copies of Martin’s book, containing the play he writes about. Want to buy a copy? Please write me, and I’ll sell you one! Happy holidays! Get the picture?