Jackie Hoffman IS “The Tattooed Lady”

Thanks to a tipster who put it on my radar, it gives me great pleasure to let readers know about the new musical The Tattooed Lady, starring the divine Jackie Hoffman. (Her character’s name is Imagena Gibson…which to me sounds a lot like the real life Artoria Gibbons, not just the name but the character, who is somewhat hung up on religion). Hoffman’s getting head to toe temporary tats for the role, written by Eric Courtney and Max Vernon, directed by Ellie Heyman. For much more about why it looks so exciting see this terrific spread in People Magazine and this one in Playbill. It’s playing at the Philadelphia Theatre Company through November 20.

We sure hope it moves to New York, and with Hoffman remaining in the lead! It might make a nice double feature with Sideshow, the Hilton Sisters musical!

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