Tonight: Join Us At This Amazing Marx Brothers Live Stream Event!

Tonight, it’s the final installment in Noah Diamond’s Freedonia Marxonia trilogy! 

In Home Again: The Marx Brothers and New York City (2020), Noah looked at the Brothers’ hometown through a Marxian lens. In There’s Nothing Like Liberty: The Marx Brothers and America (2021), he examined the Americanness of the Marx Brothers and the Marx Brothersness of America. But there’s a figurative place that was always home to the Brothers, regardless of where they lived or worked; and it was home long before they were comedians. In If You Get Near a Song, Play It: The Marx Brothers and Music, we’ll explore the music they made and the music that made them.

Complete with all the special guests (like me, Trav S.D.!), surprises, and pontificating you’ve come to expect, the show streams on YouTube at 7:00 pm ET on Friday, September 30, 2022. Please join the live chat on YouTube during the show! In accordance with tradition, there will be a live Q&A following the presentation.