Times Square Vaudeville Walking Tour!

Hey Ho! Now that we in that yearly window when the heat is not oppressive yet we are still pre-sickness-spike season, I’d like to offer the return of my Times Square vaudeville walking tour! Lace up your kicks and let’s hit the bricks!

The tour is free to members of my Patreon family. Travalanche is gratefully supported by monthly contributions from around 100 folks, ranging from a buck a throw to “Owe-my-God-I-don’t-deserve-this!” I like to show my appreciation to them in whatever way I can, for their generosity as well their forbearance (I can be a cranky customer, but I’m not really a bad sort underneath the barnacles). I would love to have some facetime with readers — real facetime, not the kind on your phone. If you prefer nor to plug into the machine (understandable), feel free to contact me for another arrangement. We cover a lot of ground on the tour (the last time we did it, it was on a hot summer day, less than ideal, but Fall should be delightful).

The other benefit of joining of my Patreon though, is lots of exclusive content not available on the public blog. In some ways (some have said) it’s even more entertaining. Once again. to join, go here. And if you’d like to attend without joining, feel free to contact me. The tour will take place on an upcoming weekend, and we’ll try to schedule it for maximum convenience for those participating.