Today in Bridgeport: The Circus Historical Society Convention

It’s too late to register, it’s just…what’s going on today, and I wish I was there. The Circus Historical Society’s annual convention is kicking off in Bridgeport today, so close to NYC one can practically swing over it on a trapeze. Bridgeport was of course the pet municipal project of P.T. Barnum and naturally, some of the announced highlights of the convention will be visits to his and Tom Thumb‘s final resting places, as well as a trip to the Barnum Museum, and the former site of his circus’s winter quarters.

I especially find myself wishing to be there because I know so many of the presenters, and they’re folks we have gabbed about here on Travalanche. Kathleen Maher, director of the Barnum Museum will naturally speak, and I also see on the schedule Dawn Rogala, who will talk about the amazing circus photography project we wrote about here; Gary Bohan, author of the recent book about Sharkey, will talk about trained sea lions; Corey Boutillier will show his film about Bridgeport’s Barnum statue; Big Apple Circus founder Paul Binder will be making a presentation; and dozens more.

For full info about the convention and the Circus Historical Society, go here. Some of the presentations are being offered on Zoom, I believe; you may still be able to get in on the action!