Revelations Unveiled On the Birthday of John Leguizamo

Holy crap. Just Holy crap. So…as today is John Leguizamo’s birthday, for a laugh I thought I would share a program I saved from 1990 from when I appeared on a bill with him at the Home for Contemporary Theater and Art, precursor to HERE Arts Center. I’m “audience participant” (you’ll just have to believe me) — they kept slots open for people to jump in at this performance night called “No Shame”. (My friend at the time Michael Leydon Campbell hooked me up — he later went on to star in some Edward Burns’ films.) But the wild thing is I just dug up this and another program from around the same time and I discovered at once some other people who have since become friends and colleagues on the same bill — 3 decades ago when we didn’t know each other. On the “No Shame” bill with me, Leguizamo, and Campbell were none other than Chuck Montgomery (from my 2015 show Horse Play) and his wife Sue Scarlett Montgomery, Aaron Beall (at whose theatre Nada I launched my vaudeville show in 1996), and Matt Mitler, with whom I had Thanksgiving dinner in 2021. I guess it would be to much too expect that “Christopher Rossi” is actually Chris Rozzi, who played Joe Weber in my recent Weber and Fields re-creation, mis-spelled by the intern who typed the program! Also, sharp eyes have also caught Dale Goodson, and Celeste Lecesne, founder of the Trevor Project et al (formerly named James, with last name here misspelled). Holy cow, THAT is an all-star downtown line-up!

And on the other program from a show around the same time called “Round the Bend”, who do I find on the bill with me but Mr. Bob Greenberg, who has appeared in many of my variety shows and only two days ago was asking me, ‘Didn’t I first meet you a really long time ago?” Obviously none of us is very memorable since none of us remember these things happening so long ago, but, whattaya know, I have the receipts. I am just flabbergasted. Just think how much further along in show business I would be if I could remember people’s names and faces!

And just think, if it hadn’t been John Leguizamo’s birthday, I might not have noticed that I’ve known these people for 30 years…until I’d known them for 60 years!