Albert Johan Kramer, the Dutch Giant

We have previously shared with you news of an Irish Giant, a French One, a Norwegian one, a Chinese One, and numerous others associated with U.S. States and regions of Great Britain, so it perhaps inevitable that we introduce you to Albert Johan Kramer (1897-1976), reputed to have been the tallest man of the Netherlands.

The greatest measurement given for Kramer’s height was 9 feet 3 inches, although I have seen as low as 7′ 10″. For spectacular contrast Kramer often performed with his brother-in-law  Josef ” Seppetoni ” Fässler, who stood just over two feet tall, or a British little person Fred “Pip” Aslett. He toured circuses, variety halls and museums in the Netherlands, Germany, the U.K., the U.S., South America and South Africa. In Scotland he played the Collins Circuit. He also performed under the names Jan Van Albert and “Lofty”.

Due to circulation problems related to his growth issues, Kramer’s legs were amputated in 1975 a few months before his death.

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