Meeting Mrs. Patmore!

Inevitably I’ll do a post I think about Downton Abbey and the broader oeuvre of Julian Fellowes, for a I have good and bad things to say on the subject! (Digression: my wife Carolyn Raship created this terrific piece of Mrs. Patmore fan art during Downton‘s first season):

But at present there’s more to be said. Even as we approach the advent of the second Downton Abbey theatrical film (due to be released in the U.S. May 18), Lesley Nicol, the woman who plays the crotchety cook Mrs Patmore is in New York with her new one woman show called How the Hell Did I Get Here? at the McKittick Hotel. I had the thrill of interviewing her the other day. At the time, was was back in London. She had returned following her Chicago engagement to appear in an episode of Doc Martin with Martin Clunes. We caught her new show this past weekend and she was generous enough to pose for a pic with me!

My review, my preview, and the interview are all available at Chelsea Community News, here. And why is my face so red in this photo? Find out here.