RIP Madeleine Albright

RIP Madeleine Albright. I hope Ian W. Hill doesn’t mind my sharing this image from his Flickr page. It’s the Former and First Female U.S. Secretary of State at my old haunt The Brick Theater in Williamsburg Brooklyn, during Edward Einhorn’s Havel Festival in 2006. My play was on the bill afterwards, so I briefly got to rub elbows with the great stateswoman as well as President Havel! Of course we hoped they’d stay and watch our play (after all, Havel wrote it and it was the American premiere) but no soap! Anyway, as you know, she was a lady with a special stake in peace and security in Eastern Europe. I’m sure she watched the goings on in Ukraine with maximum misery. Now, more than usually, she leaves us for a better place.