A Week from Tomorrow: Experience British Silent Comedian Walter Forde

Just came across the delightful news that on January 22, our friends at the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum will be showing (online) several comedies by British performer and director Walter Forde, whom I wrote about here.

Much like his countryman Lupino Lane, Forde is more widely remembered today as a director than what he was at the beginning of his career, a music hall, vaudeville, and silent movie comedian. At least two of the films in the line-up are a century old: Walter Finds a Father (1921) and Footing the Bill (1922). The rest are from 1926: Walter the Prodigal, Walter’s Paying Policy, and Walter the Sleuth. Even better, the films are being presented by Michael Aus, a distant cousin of Texas Guinan’s, who also has made available a DVD collection of Guinan’s silent westerns, as well as an edition of these Forde comedies, available to purchase through the museum. Go here for more!