2021: In the Rear View Mirror

Even more than this horrid year, I am glad to be saying goodbye to that hair

Let’s be real. While people are talking trash about the horribleness of 2021, I honestly think that, while, yes, it was plenty atrocious, it was also better in many ways than the five years that preceded it. And while most of 2022 is almost certain to be odious in many downright unacceptable ways, it is also true that there is a very real chance that it will be better in some respects than the six years that came before. And that’s the point of celebrating New Year’s, is it not? Not to hope for the perfect, for we’ll never get that. But better will do.

Every year at this time, I turn around and take a look at what I did over the previous twelve-month, always expecting the tally to be far smaller than it winds up being, and this year, as cramped and confined as it was, is no exception. Even housebound, I managed to accomplish a bunch, always, like Ringo, “With a Little Help From My Friends.” On top of the daily blogging here on Travalanche and other writing, there were these events:

January 2: Appeared on Geoff Peterson’s G Spot livestream to talk about Rose’s Royal Midgets

February 2: Appeared on the Play it Daily Ukelele livestream with Danno Sullivan for National Ukulele Day

February 25: Spoke to the Lambs Club via Zoom with Jim Moore about Rose’s Royal Midgets

March 17: Members only Zoom talk on the Irish in Vaudeville for St Patrick’s Day

March 25: Appeared on the Host with the Most podcast with Todd Newton

April 1: Member’s Only Zoom talk on April benchmarks in Silent and Slapstick Comedy — for April Fool’s Day

April 24: Zoom Talk on Queens and Show Business for Greater Astoria Historical Society

May 1 (May Day): Audio version of The Iron Heel premiered

May 13: Members only podcast on the history of The Medicine Show

May: Reviewed Tenneessee Rising — first live theatre in over a year and a half — for Chelsea Community News

June 9: Online Talk More Than Munchkins: History of Performing Little People for Coney Island USA

June 25: Members Only Zoom Talk on Drag in Vaudeville for Pride Week

July 21: Outdoor concert with Charming Disaster cancelled on account of rain

August: 25th anniversary of the American Vaudeville Theatre

September 26: Appeared Live at the 2021 Congress of Curious People, Coney Island USA

September 29: Silent Movie Day Talk on Zoom

October 1: Marxonia Fredonia Livestreamed

October: Three pieces in Chelsea Community News, on a haunted venue, magicians and Tin Pan Alley.

November 4: Addressed the Daughters of the American Revolution (NYC chapter) on colonial American entertainment via Zoom

November 5: Appeared on Will Friedwald’s Clip Joint live stream

November 11 and 13: My biggest event of the year and many years in the making, my monologue The Pilgrims Progress, presented live and livestreamed in the Gotham Storytelling Festival, in observation of the 400th anniversary of The First Thanksgiving . You’ve not heard the last of this one!

December 23: Appeared on the Jobsolete podcast

Coming up in 2022: