Denver Shooting Targets Tattoo Shops

We just learned that Monday evening’s shooting spree in Denver has touched the lives of some of our sideshow and musician friends, a couple of whom knew the most prominent victim, Alicia Cardenas of Sol Tribe Tattoo and Piercing. Cardenas was a body modification artist and cultural anthropologist in the tradition of Fakir Musafar, as well as a mural artist, educator, and ritualistic performer of Mexican and Indigenous heritage, who produced annual Day of the Dead celebrations and did children’s theatre. The shooter, Lyndon McLeod aka Roman McClay targeted three tattoo shops on his spree, and seems to have been a tattoo artist himself, obviously nursing some kind of beef. According to the killings mimicked some his previous writings; he was some sort of right-wing kook given to such brilliant utterances as “Americans don’t understand their own history. Northern yankee fux are genetically different from southern rednecks. We are nothing alike.” He has been on the radar of more than one law enforcement agency for the past several years. He was killed in his confrontation with police, so that’s one less of his kind we have to worry about, though its sad that he took five innocents with him. Google Cardenas and you will learn about someone who cast a long and positive shadow. Que descanse en paz.