I Am This Week’s Guest on Jobsolete

Good news for those who will have eons of time to kill over the holiday weekend — I’m the guest on this week’s episode of the Jobsolete podcast. Now here’s something wild — I was interviewed for the show many, many months ago, and the interview was conducted by a producer. So I didn’t know until this morning that the show is hosted by two folks I’m a fan of! The two co-hosts are Mr. Beat, a local history teacher from the midwest who does these really great historical videos for youtube. I’ve watched like 50 of them — huge fan. His students must love him! And the co-cost is comedienne and actress Helen Hong who’s been on things like Silicon Valley and in the film Inside Llewyn Davis. Because Hong performed stand-up, the wraparounds sort of disproportionately revolve around stand-up comedy, though that was just one of 50 different kind of acts that were offered in vaudeville. And almost every sentence the hosts utter about vaudeville is incorrect or off in some way, but I wasn’t consulted to vet their remarks. (That happens pretty often actually). So play the show, please, but only listen to me, me, me! (A good rule of thumb in general). Play the show here. (My show will be top of the pile through December 30).