For National Twins Day: Meet the Twins of Travalanche

The Bodacious Barnstable Twins

Happy National Twins Day!

Travalanche has long had a special section devoted to conjoined twins — we now have amassed enough posts on the more common sort of twins to justify their own category as well. (Think about it — it’s an unusual niche. There aren’t many scripts that have roles for pairs of twins, yet they’re not rare enough to be sideshow acts. Just as often, twin sets have become singing and dancing teams, but they’re still rare). So please peruse and celebrate the dozen or so we have here.

While I was creating the category, I also came to the realization that it would be useful to have some related ones, so please also check out the new sections on Sister Acts, Brother Acts, Acts with both Brothers and Sisters, Husband-Wife Teams, and Family Acts in general. There were a lot of those in vaudeville, so these cats are overdue. Take a stroll down the rabbit hole!