Get “The History of Stand-Up”!

I had the best time this afternoon rapping with the illimitable Wayne Federman about stand-up comedy and vaudeville on his podcast. In addition to being the former headwriter for Jimmy Fallon, a co-producer of Judd Apatow’s great Garry Shandling doc we mentioned here, and a guest star on TV shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Silicon Valley and Difficult People, Federman wrote the terrific book The History of Stand-Up from Mark Twain to Dave Chapelle, which came out back in March. My episode of the podcast won’t be online until some next year, but I thought I’d let you know about the book now that it’s holiday shopping season. In addition to being a really funny guy, Federman really knows his beans when it comes to show biz lore and connecting the dots between the generations! Get the book here. And listen to the first two seasons of his podcast here.