Thanks Be To YOU

Today a post of tribute and thanks to YOU, my readers, subscribers, and above all my patrons! As for the latter, today I won’t just say “You know who you are”, I will SAY who you are for all the world to know. You have quite literally kept me going, especially these last couple of years. A loud yelp of gratitude to:

Bruce Schaeffer

Scott Stiffler

Mindy MacLaren

HeatherLyn Egan

Lisa Vogl (and Tom Racz)

Sara Nilsson

David Herskovits

Jeff Sensabaugh

Amy Budd

Tammy Rose

Charlie Morrow

Brad Sultan

Cheryl Rice (and Michael)

Jeff Lewonczyk

Jennifer Glick (and Linc)

Peter Genovese

David Carlyon

Miriam Shuman

Tom Samuels

Vincent Marano

Michelle Collins

Margaret Cross

Rob Handel

Timothy Babcock

Allison Anderson (and James)

Michael Karp

Fred Backus

Adam Gertsacov

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Stephen Garraty

Brendan Schweda

Richard Backus

Mitchell Jewell

Pete Bainbridge

James Bigwood

Deborah Karpel

Rob Bates

Anthony DiFlorio

Melani Carty

Conrad Barrington

Killy Dwyer

David Perlmutter

And above all of course my wife, Carolyn Raship

Thanks to all our former supporters for your former support, as well!

To those who would like to join our Patreon family during the giving season, here’s how and where: . My plans for the new year are to bump up Patreon Patron Privileges immensely. Currently, the Patreon Posse gets extra content, but soon, much of the free content from Travalanche will be avilable ONLY to Patreon Members. And there is also a podcast in the works. Our way, once again of saying THANKS