Michele Carlo in “What a Difference a Year Makes”

Last night, I had the pleasure of checking out Michele Carlo’s new monologue What a Difference a Year Makes in the Gotham Storytelling Festival, and found it an enjoyable concatenation of of memories happy and sad including scary auditions, loneliness and isolation during Covid, nineties nostalgia, catcall fatigue, and a traumatic taxi accident. Carlo, with her streetwise Bronx default persona, is always engaging, but is especially so when she launches into other characters, like family members from her past and dudes harrassing her on the street. Wearing my vaudeville hat, I was especially enamored of a crazy little bit she once did for a tv audition, a routine I had no idea she could do, or could be done by anybody period! I wasn’t there as a reviewer, but as a fan, and I only write today to let you know that her next performance of this show is right after mine on November 13 — mine is at 5pm, hers at 7:30pm. Come for the double header! As I said here, she has definitely inspired me.