Yesterday’s Great Neck Gatsby Fest

Well pleased we were with yesterday’s Gatsby Fest, organized by Destination Great Neck, a literal stone’s throw from the house where F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote a good chunk of The Great Gatsby. We were tickled to see it come off so well and took a few snaps as testimony.

A group of young uptown musicians called Sugar Hill Salon played a set of Jazz Age classics. Also on the bill was Terry Waldo of the Gotham City Band (who’ll also be performing next Saturday on Tin Pan Alley Day — stay tuned for details), and a local youth combo called Konkussion.

Kids from To the Point — Katya’s School of Dance performed ballet as well as a tap dance to the 1929 Milton AgerJack Yellen standard “Happy Days Are Here Again”. Dancers from ConfiDanZe and Art of the Dance World Academy also performed.

I love the kids in the fire helmets watching the dancers in the photo above. I saw a lot of those helmets, undoubtedly a consequence of the fact that Great Neck’s Vigiliant Fire Company was on hand:

The former site of Yanni’s Furs was converted into a one day pop-up Museum of Great Neck:

TV producer and historian Bob Waldman also made a presentation, and naturally there were speeches by local political, civic and business leaders, as well as raffles and giveaways. I found the whole thing very exciting — I hope it turns into an annual tradition, as there is much to celebrate about Great Neck’s history, and its an opportunity to get folks from out of town to make the trip.