Roy Stewart: Started with Hal Roach

Roy Stewart (1883-1933) starred in over 100 silent films, most of them westerns, but I am personally most interested in the beginning of his career, for that is when he acted in some of the first movies made by Hal Roach and Harold Lloyd, like Willie Runs the Park and Just Nuts, both made in 1915.

Originally from San Diego, Stewart had some stage experience, and may have acted with a road company of Flora Dora. In 1916 he signed with Triangle, where he began his stretch of greatest popularity in vehicles such as One Shot Ross and The Medicine Man. 1926 was undoubtedly his greatest year: he starred opposite Mary Pickford in Sparrows, and Blanche Sweet in The Lady from Hell, and played the title characters in With Buffalo Bill on the U.P. Trail, and Daniel Boone Thru the Wilderness. His star fell rapidly when sound came in. By In Old Arizona (1928) he’s already down to bit parts, although in B movie westerns he did land bigger roles. His last picture was Fargo Express (1933) with Ken Maynard. A heart attack killed him at the age of 49.

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