Dr. Lucky’s Got a New Book on Burlesque!

That’s the gorgeous Linda “Dirty” Martini on the cover

We are delighted to report that our friend Lynn Sally (whom I initially knew as the burlesque performer “Dr. Lucky”) has just hit the market with a tremendous new book entitled Neo-Burlesque: Striptease as Transformation. Dr. Lucky is an actual doctor — she has a Ph.D. in performance studies. I have had the honor of guest lecturing her NYU classes on several occasions. For the new book, she has interviewed top contemporary cohorts and chums like Dirty Martini, World Famous *BOB*, Julie Atlas Muz, and even the hardest “get” of all, Deeta Von Teese. This is a must for the bookshelves of, like, everyone I know! She’s also doing a mess of events around the launch. Stay plugged in at her web site, and get more info on the book here.