Happy International Podcast Day

Apparently, September 30 is now International Podcast Day — because, Lord knows there’s no podcast inundation every other day of the year!

I hosted my first podcast show before it was fashionable or (as it is now) ubiquitous. Between 2006 and 2009 I hosted the Indie Theatre Now podcast for Martin Denton and nytheatre.com, where I interviewed over 250 theatre artists. Sadly, it’s all offline now, not just the recordings but even a list of who we had on the show, and my head is a sieve so I don’t remember who-all were guests, beyond some folks who ended up becoming permanent friends and colleagues. (One of them married me and my wife!) Anyway, everyone, harrass Martin! The world needs to know! It’s already history! Important history!

At all events, I’m creeping and crawling towards doing my own show in future. Here are a couple of raw dry-runs I created for my Patreon followers (sans soundtrack or SFX), as teasers for what’s to come:

April is the Foolish Month (a telling of the history of silent comedy based around April dates, created for April Fool’s Day)

History of the Great American Medicine Show

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