Oct. 17 is GATSBY FEST in Great Neck

It’s the birthday of F. Scott Fitzgerald: the perfect time to let you know about a brand new event happening in Great Neck on October 17.

Friends with hot jazz bands, note the contact info above — they may still be booking! And there are vendor opportunities. Authors who write about topics related to the Jazz Age, Long Island, Broadway, and so forth, I’m looking at you! Perhaps, a few of you (us) could go in on a book table. Musicians/bands you could hawk your CDs. As you know, Great Neck was the HEART of the Jazz Age, so I’m hoping Destination Great Neck’s Gatsby Fest will be a success, and lasts for many more years. I’ll be there! Come hang out with me! If you come, I will show you Fitzgerald’s House where he wrote most of The Great Gatsby a century ago, and where the first ever stage adaptation premiered in its pre-Broadway tryout. Both are within walking distance of where Gatsby Fest is taking place.

On a related topic, totally separately, there is going to be a huge, multi-city Great Gatsby Party, February 11-12, 2022, with events un NYC, LA, Las Vegas and Miami. This one looks undeniably ambitious and exciting, although I will say I am somewhat measured in my enthusiasm given that we are still in the midst of a pandemic, and it is by no means certain that we’ll be out of it by mid-winter, given that some huge percentage of American fools refuse to wear masks or get vaccinated. So we shall see. But I thought you would like to know. Info is here.