Major Zamora: The Triple Jointed Wonder

Beyond the fact that he existed, and what his act consisted of, little is known of Major Zamora. He was a Little Person, who claimed to be “Triple Jointed”. His height was 32 inches and his limbs seem to have been pliable. These were ideal physical attributes for a contortionist. Zamora’s routine was to crawl into small spaces, such as boxes, cabinets, and specially designed bottles (oversized, but nonetheless impressive) and get himself out — almost like an octopus. His real name, and his birth or death dates, are unknown. It’s only known that he worked the dime museum circuit in the 1890s. The Eissenmann photo above indicates that he worked New York’s Bowery. In St. Louis he met Tina Goughman, “the world’s smallest living woman” (though the major was smaller than she was). The pair were married in Chicago in 1893. She thenceforth became Tina Zamora, viz:

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