Countdown for Pride

The above was taken at the Stonewall Memorial a few days ago on one of our first post-vax escapades in the city. We’re already midway through Pride Month almost, which means that we’re amore than midway through a little project I am doing for Chelsea Community News. Each week I am doing a vintage celebrity show biz tribute representing each of the groups represented by the initials LGBTQ (there are 5 weeks in June this year). To wit:

L: Alla Nazimova

G: George Kelly

B: Paul Swan

T: Terri Rogers

Q: Tiny Tim

Also: please join me Friday, June 25 at 7pm for a free zoom talk on drag and queer performers in vaudeville. This is a version of a well-received talk I gave live in 2019 and in Dixon Place’s Hot! Festival in 2020. Go here to join (not now, when it’s time for the talk. If you go there now, you’ll be staring at a blank screen for several days. So what else is new?). Happy Pride Month.