Trav S.D. Events in February

Aloha, Friends and Frenemies! We’ve been laying low the last few tumultuous weeks but I’m here to tell ya today that there is much in the works for February and beyond, so please take heed and stay tuned! Here’s a head’s up on stuff that’s happening:

Tuesday, February 2 at noon EST: February 2 is not just Ground Hog Day, it’s National Ukulele Day. Accordingly I’ll be doing the Play it Daily Ukulele Facebook livestream with Boston’s Danno Sullivan — a major uke maven from a major uke haven. We’ll talk about the instrument’s history, some vaudeville stars who were identified with it, and perform a short number! It’s free and the link will be available at our Facebook pages. I may also post some additional uke homages outside of Danny’s show, here and on Youtube, so please check in, if you’re not too exhausted from the day’s blizzard and Groundhog festivities. Catch Danno’s show here.

Saturday, February 13, 8pm: Valentines of Vaudeville! In celebration of Valentine’s Day, please join me for an illustrated Zoom talk on great romances and romantics of the vaudeville stage! We’ll wax poetic about great vaudeville teams who were romantic couples, and also certain performers (usually singers) who specialized in portraying “lovers” (i.e. to make audience members swoon). This talk will be offered to my Patreon supporters only. You can honestly throw in any amount (e.g., $1 a month), so you can’t REALLY plead poverty and be believed! At that rate, it’s a tremendous bargain, so I’m told. Cheaper than chocolates! To find out how to join my Patreon and gets lots of other exclusive content, please go here.

Dropping Mid-Feb: The next edition Todd Newton’s podcast The Host with the Most. Todd proved to be a knowledgable cat, so we were able to have an excellent conversation on the ins and outs and whys and wherefores of vaudeville. Below are a couple of samples from the rap session. Unfortunately I dressed for a podcast and not a Zoom, so these clips reveal the author, as it were, unadorned and undraped. Rest assured we’ll link from here when the finished show is available, reportedly a couple of weeks hence.

February 25, 8pm: Myself and editor/publisher Jim Moore of Vaudevisuals Press will be giving a Zoom talk for the Lamb’s Club about our new book Rose’s Royal Midgets and Other Little People of Vaudeville. The talk is available only to Lambs and their guests, I believe, which only goes to the point that you should join the Lambs. Find out how here.

Next in the pipeline: I’ll be reprising my role as an evil capitalist oligarch in a new radio/podcast version of Edward Einhorn’s adaptation of Jack London’s The Iron Heel. We record in late February — I expect it will be available a few weeks after that.

Much more in the works as the snow and ice begin to melt so stay tuned and stay Zoomed! Thanks for all you do, doodly do!