Gay Marshall Sings Leonard Cohen

Though it has been released and in my possession for a good little while I have held this plug for Gay Marshall’s most recent album ’til today for symbolic reasons.

We first caught Gay’s act at Pangea on November 9, 2016 — the day after Black Tuesday, when Donald Trump won the Presidential election. I urge you to read my review of that show, both for background on Gay…and to experience how we felt that day.

Now it is the day after Trump’s final day in office, and our tears are ones of joy and relief. Haha, Paris is liberated! For an added bonus, Biden’s memorial for Covid victims the other night included the Leonard Cohen song “Hallelujah” — another resonance in Gay’s new album, for it is entitled Back on Boogie Street: Songs of Leonard Cohen.

Gay’s light and mellifluous voice couldn’t be less like Cohen’s — it would be alarming if it was. Co-produced and arranged by accompanist Ross Patterson, his beautiful tunes are tastefully embellished with strings and accordion, pleasant jazzy settings, and a smattering of patter. The set includes well loved tunes like “Famous Blue Raincoat”, “Sisters of Mercy” and “That’s No Way to Say Goodbye”. Cohen’s songs are moody (and might have been TOO moody if Trump hadn’t left as he was supposed to), but Gay reminds us that they are also pretty and delicate. I wish I was seeing her sing them in person! Get yours here.

And while you’re there, might I also recommend that you also get her earlier Go Back Where You Stayed Last Night (2011) and my favorite of the three, Gay Marshall Sings Piaf: La Vie L’Amour (2008)!